Twists are what drastically change the outcomes of the Hunger Games.

Reward and PunishmentEdit

Reward and Punishment is one of the first twists in the Hunger Games. Every other episode, the viewers get to vote for one contestant for a reward, and another for a punishment. Contestants cannot receive rewards or punishments back-to-back. Some rewards that are offered are:

  • Dates and Night outs
  • Free snacks
  • Dating or marrying one contestant (a preferable one)
  • Acess to the Reward House
  • Woohooing one contestant
  • Having the contestant's most despised co-contestant punished

Some punishments offered are:

  • Beekeeping
  • Getting locked out the main household
  • Trapped in a walled off room
  • Age transitioning (usually to an elder)
  • Makeovers
  • Bad relationships to everybody


Challenges are another twist of the Hunger Games. There are two types of challenges; reward challenges and death challenges


Reward challenges are challenges where contestants compete for a reward/house. Notable reward challenges include:

  • Game of Pool
  • Eating Contest
  • Bowling
  • Breath Holding Contest
  • Apple Bobbing
  • Game of Chess
  • Bull Riding
  • Painting


Death challenges are challenges in which one contestant dies (in rare occurances, two or even three) in the challenge. Notable death challenges include:

  • Swimming to the Death
  • Blunt Force Trauma (Vending Machine Shake or Bed Lifting)
  • Jelly Beans
  • Burn to the Death
  • Stuck outside in Winter
  • Jetpack Challenge
  • Stuck in Desert

Reward HouseEdit

The reward house was introuduced in Season 1 and has been used ever since. The reward house is a separate household from the main household which has luxuries that the main household lacks. It also has fridge and stove/oven which can be used for food, so its vital for contestants to win reward challenges if contestants want to stay in the Hunger Games.