Trip Facade
Name Trip Facade
Gender Male
Series information
Season Season 3
Status Dead
Placed 7th
Cause of death Jelly bean

Trip was a contestant in the third season, he is from the game Façade. He joined the series with his wife Grace. KPopp noticed that in the introduction, he distanced himself from all of the other contestants; saying he hates them all.

Trip was never really active or friendly in The Arena during his time alive, but the only social interaction he ever made with other contestants was Negative, or screaming in their faces. Trip was almost as disliked as his spouse, Grace.

Trip died during the 3rd Challenge of Season 3 of The Hunger Games, ranking Seventh Place, his spouse Grace behind him, from The Jellybean Challenge. Although he was infamously hated, his popularity spread enough for him to gain his own series, called Sims 3 Facade.

The GamesEdit

Episode 1Edit

Trip is seen flirting with Pre-Twerk Miley Cyrus as well as Awkward and he doesn't seem to have a very strong relationship with Grace.

Episode 2Edit

It is shown that Trip is Awkward's highest relationship for her dating reward but KPopp said she could do better. When KPopp checked the future descendents list, it showed that he and Grace had none. 

Episode 3Edit

Trip was the only one KPopp let mourn for Grace since she was his wife. Since Grace had died, he had no partner for the Bowling Challege so, KPopp paired him up with Miley Cyrus Twerkin (since the females finished competing). KPopp expected him to mess the challenge up but in his first try, he knocked out most of the pins. But Trip lost to Miley (even if she scored 16, she scored 27 first)

Episode 5Edit

Trip was one of the contestants to participate in the return of the Jelly Bean Challenge. He died when he ate somewhere around his 4th-5th jelly bean.

Episode 9Edit

Trip made his first appearance after death, only roaming around the arena.

Episode 10Edit

Trip made another appearance at the very end of the episode, where he is located in the reward house.

Episode 11Edit

Trip made another appearance at the start of the episode, going up the staircase heading towards the first story bedroom; where he napped.


  • Trip as seen in the game Façade.
  • Trip after eating a jelly bean and dying

Trivia Edit

  • He is one of the only contestants to have a introduction in the Create-A-Sim Mode.
  • He and Grace are the only Facade characters to appear in the series, since the original game doesn't feature anymore characters.
  • In the punishment polls for Episode 2, KPopp said that just one user of the poll voted for Trip over 1,000 times. She said she was impressed, but that was cheating so she didn't allow it. 
  • KPopp put Trip's grave next to Grace's grave, shortly after he died.
  • He is the fifth contestant to have another appearance after death. The first four contestants were, ButtpluPaula DeenAmanda Bynes and Grace.