the slave Rection
Name the slave Rection
Gender Male
Traits Supernatural Fan, Star Quality, Party Animal, Good, Computer Wiz, Technophobe
Series information
Season 1
Status Alive
Placed N/A
Cause of death N/A
the slave is a slave that was used in the first season of the Hunger Games. The slave fills the role of a servant for the contestants in the Hunger Games, as his name implies. His main duties are cooking for the contestants and providing snacks to those who earn rewards. He is locked in the Winner's House so that he can't stray from his tasks.


  • The slave returns.


A fan re-creation of the slave is avalable for download at The Sims 3 Exchange, currently being used as the main image for this page. Everyday and sleepwear outfits are accurate, other outfits are not.


  • The slave's full name is The slave Rection, since Hugh G. Rection was the one that adopted him.
  • He was almost the child of Kelly KPopp and Hugh G. Rection, but KPopp thought that that would give Kelly KPopp an unfair advantage since she would be pregnant and couldn't die.
  • The slave was one of Katniss Everdeen's lovers, the other one being Amanda Bynes.
  • The slave did not return as Honey Boo Boo in Season 2.
  • The slave was made a Technophobe in episode 9 in order to break the Televsions that contestants were supposed to repair for a challenge.
  • The slave was originally supposed to be a child, but several unforeseen factors prevented this, such as being unable to cook and having to go to school.
  • The slave was seen again in episode 10 of season 2 when he was invited to the funeral.