The Sims 3 Hunger Games is a hilarious and brutal competition created by KPopp which takes place in the universe of The Sims 3. The Games start with eight characters, a mix of celebrities or fictional characters recreated as a Sim by KPopp. The event is released on YouTube for fans and viewers to see. The last living tribute is declared the victor.


In every season finale, KPopp will ask the viewers to create a list of who do they want to see to fight to the death. KPopp will select eight celebrities and fictional characters, and will be introduced in the introduction episode. The entries are cumulative, and if the celebrities or fictional characters name will be mentioned numerous times in the list of the fans or viewers, he/she will be automatically added to the competition (e.g. Miley Cyrus Twerkin). 


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In every episode, KPopp will hold a reward challenge, where the challenge is only regular enabling the winning tribute and the losing tributes to live, or a death challenge, where the winning tribute survives until the next episode and the unlucky tribute dies without mercy.

Quarter Quell

Every nine seasons, KPopp will hold a quarter quell, returning all previous victors from the previous games to fight the death once more, to reveal who is really the sole survivor of the games.


1st Hunger Games

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The first Sims 3 Hunger Games was held in Moonlight Falls in the fall, where Amanda Bynes was crowned the first victor. This was mostly a test games, as many events and games did not go so smoothly in these games, but KPopp has learned from her mistakes and since then has made future games far more enjoyable.

2nd Hunger Games

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The second Sims 3 Hunger Games was held once again in Moonlight Falls in the fall, where Taylor Swift was crowned the second victor of the games.

3rd Hunger Games

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The third Sims 3 Hunger Games was held in Isla Paradiso, but was later changed to Oasis Landing mid-games, where Pre-Twerk Miley Cyrus was crowned the third determined victor.

4th Hunger Games

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The fourth Sims 3 Hunger Games was held in Bridgeport where Alfred was crowned the victor of the 4 hunger games.