The Mad Clapper
Name The Mad Clapper
Gender Male
Series information
Season 3
Status Alive
Brent Mellark, infamously known as The Mad Clapper, is a reccuring character from Season 3. He became infamous for glitching with the infamous clapping glitch.

The GamesEdit

Episode 6 (Also known as the Wedding Special)Edit

The Mad Clapper was first seen arriving at the wedding. Although, he wasn't seen before in the series and was pressumed to be a visitor of the Barren Wasteland, where the wedding was held. KPopp did not notice but he had a thought bubble of Hermione with a heart rotating around it. Then later, he was seen reacting to the wedding, where he was glitched. KPopp noticed this and said: "He's stuck. He's totally stuck.".

Afterwards, she zoomed out and noticed no one was there, where she laughed at this and announced the mad clapper disease is back. Then later, KPopp went to check on him and he was still clapping and said: "He's still going [Laughs] He's totally gonna die from hunger". Then later, KPopp sent Awkward to hit on him  to make him stop. This plan unfortunetly failed, since after Awkward was unclothed she ran around crazy, without The Mad Clapper noticing.

Episode 11Edit

The Mad Clapper made his return when a small window popped up, saying that if Hermione might want to go on a date with him. KPopp accepted the offer for Hermione and checked on her and The Mad Clapper, where she quickly left to see the progress for the winners of the reward and punishment poll.

Episode 12Edit

The Mad Clapper was first seen at the funeral having an impolite conversation with Victoria Miley Cyrus. Then later, his name briefly appeared in a window, saying if Hermione would like a date, where KPopp thought the date was for The Neighbor


  • The Mad Clapper is the first sim to be known only by his alias in the series.
  • The Mad Clapper is shown to have a romantic interest in Season 3 contestant Hermione Granger.
  • His name was revealed to be Brent Mellark in Episode 9, where it was shown in the window that popped up; where he offered Hermione a date.
  • The Mad Clapper was revealed to be a Peeta Mellark descendant.