Lee Everett
Name Lee Everett
Gender Male
Traits Family-Oriented, Friendly, Athletic, Nurturing, Light Sleeper (previously Unlucky)
Series information
Season Season 4
Status Dead
Placed 4th
Cause of death Old Age

Lee a contestant of Season 4. He reflects the living version, but it might be interesting to see Lee as a walker. Lee was a good leader in the apocalypse back in the days of the apocalypse, which makes a good advantage in the games.

The GamesEdit

Introduction EpisodeEdit

Lee was introduced after Clementine, where he was seen of his phone inside the same room Sharkeisha, Clementine and Pedobear was. A recap from KPopp's The Walking Dead: The Video Game gameplay series was shown, where KPopp laughed at Lee and Carley's possible romance for one another.

KPopp knew he might have a chance to make it to the end, which makes him one of the candidates in the fourth season of the games. But, KPopp had a theory what if he and Clementine made it to end together, where they have to face one another like the final episode of the video game.

The episode cuts to where he and Raquelle where thought to have a date, since they both have hearts rotating around their heads, which made KPopp shocked to see a good person fall for such a b!tch. It was maybe he was very desperate after Carley died because of Lilly. Afterwards toward the end of the video, he was seen in the bar with the others.


  • Lee as shown in the actual game.


  • Lee is the second The Walking Dead character to ever participate in the games.
  • Lee is one of the fan-favorites of fans and viewers for Season 4.
  • Lee is the first contestant everto die and be resurrected.
  • Lee was the first to die in a recent challenge (jellybean challenge), but he was resurrected by the Grim Reaper.