Kim Kardashian
Name Kim Kardashian
Gender Female
Traits Flirty, Mooch, Neurotic, Ambitious, Kleptomaniac
Series information
Season Season 2
Status Dead
Placed Eighth
Cause of death Jelly Bean

Kim Kardashian was one of the contestants in season 2 of the Sims 3 Hunger Games.

The GamesEdit

Since she now was no longer pregnant, she decided to volunteer as Tribute to the Sims 3 Hunger Games, because her boyfriend was reaped.

She had a strong desire to win for her baby since she was back on her feet, and she knew she might be strong enough to win.

Kim Kardashian had a relatively good chance of winning, being one of the "Fan Favorites", of Season 2, and many were confident that she could win many challenges.

In the first Episode, she got to the finale of the eating challenge but lost to Draco Malfoy. Kim had an advantage in the contest since being in a relationship with Kanye West meant that she could share the bed with him.

In Episode 3, She was on fire, and her clothes burned off, but she somehow survived. This confirmed everyone's theories that she was a Strong, Independant woman. Sadly, she later was the first to die in the jelly bean challenge, followed by Paula Deen.

Her early death earns her eighth place overall in the second Hunger Games, a place she shares with Justin Bieber and Grace Facade as being the first to die in their respective Hunger Games.

Many were sad of her death. She was a vibrant sim thought to be invincible after she survived fire, but the jelly bean challenge suprised us all and she sadly passed on, leaving North West an orphan, after Kanye West died.


  • Kim Kardashian in real life
  • Kim, facing her jelly bean doom