Kelly KPopp
Kelly KPopp
Name Kelly KPopp
Gender Female
Traits Great Kisser, Good Sense of Humor, Hopless Romantic, Flirty, Diva
Series information
Season Season 1
Status Dead
Placed 2nd (Runner-Up)
Cause of death Drowning
For the real Kelly, see KPopp.

Kelly KPopp was a contestant in season 1 of The Sims 3 Hunger Games. She was originally from KPopp's Pregnant Challenge series. She was brought back from the dead to compete in the Sims 3 Hunger Games.

The GamesEdit

Introduction episode Edit

Kelly was the second contestant that was introduced. KPopp introduced her with these words: „And of course made famous in the Pregnant Challenge Series, a fan favorite, a paparazzi followed slut – Kelly KPopp“. Kelly was known as the lady who had a lot of babies and that's why she must return from the dead to compete in the Hunger Games. KPopp put her on the bottom of the list in terms of survival, and said that she has no faith in her, because she is good at making babies, however, not so good at survival. 

Kelly was first seen arguing with Justin Bieber. After KPopp built the house she noticed Kelly just standing and commented: „Kelly KPopp surprisingly not acting like a whore.“ Kelly was then seen falling from the Mechanical Bull and Kelly paused the game at the exact moment where she had fallen with her legs in the air and head glitching in the bull. Hugh G. Rection was watching and enjoying the display. KPopp commented saying: „Kelly KPopp, let's keep in mind just a sim, but as usual, legs wide open in the air. I am not surprised“. KPopp, however, did admire her for practicing for the upcoming challenge. She was then seen talking with Buttplu. However, out of nowhere, Kelly then started arguing with Buttplu. Kelly was then later seen arguing with Hugh as well. After that she went into the pool where Katniss Everdeen, Justin Bieber and Ronald Weasley were.

Episode 1 - The Nub Arm! Edit

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Placement Edit

Kelly KPopp was the third to drown in the final swimming challenge, and her ghost the first one reaped. As Amanda Bynes was declared the winner, Kelly earned second place as she drowned directly before Bynes. Kelly returned as a ghost in Season 2 due to KPopp moving the graves to the new lot.


  • Kelly being thrown off a bull
  • Kelly drowning in a pool
  • Kelly KPopp getting ready for the pie eating contest


  • Kelly is the first ever contestant to be reborn, to participate in The Sims 3 Hunger Games.
  • Kelly KPopp is the first contestant to appear in another one of Kelly games, which is KPopp Pregnant Challenge.
  • Kelly is the first KPopp Pregnant Challenge character to compete in The Sims 3 Hunger Games. 
  • Kelly KPopp is described to be a lot "bitchier" than in KPopp Pregnant Challenge.