Sim Justin
Justin "Fairy" Bieber
Name Justin "Fairy" Bieber
Gender Male
Traits Natural Born Performer,

Party Animal, Irresistible, Ambitious, Virtuoso

Series information
Season Season 1
Status Dead
Placed 8th (Last Place)
Cause of death Drowned
Justin "Fairy" Bieber was a contestant in the season 1 of The Sims 3 Hunger Games and was, arguably, one of the most hated contestants ever. He is based on the singer Justin Bieber.

The GamesEdit

Introduction episode Edit

He was the fourth contestant being introduced. He was made a fairy because Kelly thought it was only fair. Kelly warned the Bieber fans in the beginning to put down their pitchforks because as a fairy he might actually have an advantage. Kelly also noted that although he doesn't have any survival skills, this is The Sims so survival skills don't matter that much, so Justin Bieber actually stood a chance at winning the Games.

In the beginning, he was talking with many contestants, probably because of the Irresistible trait. He was first seen talking to Katniss Everdeen. After that, Kelly KPopp approached him and started arguing with him. Hugh G. Rection was another contestant that Justin communicated with, early on. He was also seen talking to Ronald Weasley. After building the house Justin was seen standing next to the statue, admiring it. There was a female sim behind him and Kelly said she was a fangirl. Later, Justin started gossiping with Hugh and then joined Katniss in the kitchen and started talking to her. Together, they went to the pool, where Buttplu and Bill Nye were. At the end of the episode, Justin went skinny dipping and Kelly commented saying: "Biebs is having a little too much fun".

Episode 1 - The Nub Arm! Edit

In the first episode, he received the punishment, which resulted in his imprisonment in a closed off space for one day........

Placement Edit

In the second episode he was the first to drown in the second challenge, ultimately resulting in his death. He was the first contestant to die, earning him eighth place in the competition, and being the first death in Sims 3 Hunger Games History.

Hilariously, Justin's demise was overshadowed by Buttplu's death, when Buttplu drowned immediately after Justin in the first Swimming Challenge.



  • He was the very first contestant to ever die in the series.
  • He was the first contestant in the series to receive a punishment.
  • He drowned in the pool while waiting for Ron Weasley and Hugh G. Rection to get in the pool to start the challenge.
  • Justin Bieber was always drawing paparazzi to him and you could always see him either trying to get on the other contestants good side or staring intently at works of art.
  • Many of Justin's fellow competitors seemed unmoved by his death and instead mourned Buttplu.
  • Even though he was first to die, Justin visits as a ghost often.