Jodie Holmes
Jodie Holmes
Name Jodie Holmes
Gender Female
Traits Brave, Brooding, Genius, Handy, Good
Series information
Season Season 5
Status Dead
Placed 5th
Cause of death Unknown (Most Likely got hit by a meteor)

Jodie Holmes is one of the contestants in the Season 5 of the Sims 3 Hunger Games. She met her untimely end in episode 9 when she died by falling from the sky from the jet pack. It looked like a meteor to Kelly so she assumed it was death by meteor.

The GamesEdit

Introduction EpisodeEdit

- She is briefly seen reading at a table with Severus Snape and another unidentifiable sim.

- According to Kelly, she is a widely requested character.

- Kelly mentions that Aiden, Jodie's second soul from the game Beyond Two Souls, the game that Jodie is based on, could be a slave. She also mentions Nicole Richie, due to her relationship with Paris Hilton.

- After her introduction, she is seen sitting by a fence and after, is seen petting a cowplant.

Slide ShowEdit