Hugh G. Rection
Hugh (Huge) G. Rection
Name Hugh (Huge) G. Rection
Gender Male
Traits Traits: Charismatic, Inappropriate, Social Butterfly, Heavy Sleeper, Handy
Series information
Season Season 1
Status Dead
Placed 6th
Cause of death Drowning

Huge G. Rection was a contestant in season 1 of The Sims 3 Hunger Games.

The GamesEdit

Introduction episode Edit

Hugh was the sixth one being introduced in season 1. Kelly first introduced him as a person that is very important in the sims community, but then eventually said that she made him up. She said that he is an epic guy and that he is in her top 3 to win the Games. Kelly also pointed out that he is an elder, which could hurt him in the long run, but for her it means that he has experience.

When the contestants arrived on the lot, Hugh was seen talking to Justin Bieber. After that, Hugh went inside and watched Kelly KPopp falling from the bull. Then, he was once again seen talking to Justin, gossiping with him. All of a sudden, Kelly approached him and started arguing with him. This would be the beginning of a long and complicated relationship that these two had. At the end of the episode, he was also seen having negative interactions with Amanda Bynes.

Episode 1 - The Nub Arm! Edit

Kelly quickly found out that she spelled his name wrong, and named him Huge instead of Hugh. Huge quickly grew to hate Kelly KPopp, eventually even fighting her for a bed, which he lost.

At one point, both Huge and Kelly KPopp won a challenge (both rode the bull machine and got times of 36.06 seconds) and shared the winner's house, where Kelly almost made the two have a baby, but then thought it would give Kelly KPopp an unfair advantage, so she had them adopt (the slave) instead.

Placement Edit

Hugh died when he was voted to receive a punishment to swim for six hours. He lasted 30 sim minutes before drowning. His death achieved him sixth place and a spot as one of the many in the series who died of drowning.


  • Hugh's ghost being reaped.


  • Hugh is the first contestant of Season 1 to die outside of a challenge.
  • He is the only contestant to be killed by a punishment.
  • His first name was misspelled "Huge", but he is always referred to by his alias, "Hugh".
  • He's currently the only contestant to not come from a video game or a series by Kpopp nor be a real person himself.
  • His name means "Huge erection", and is one of the reasons Kelly misspelled his name in the first place.