Harry Potter
Name Harry Potter
Gender Male
Traits Animal Lover, Charismatic, Clumsy, Brave, Daredevil
Series information
Season Season 2
Status Dead
Placed 2nd (Runner-Up)
Cause of death Hunger
Harry Potter was one of the contestants in season 2 of the Sims 3 Hunger Games.

The GamesEdit

After the final Harry Potter movie, he left his wife, Ginny, and started going after Hermione after Ron died in the first season. He has exchanged his glasses for hipster glasses. Now, he has entered the Hunger Games to make it to the top and prove to Hermione that he's the man.

During the fire challenge, Harry Potter was the only one trying to extinguish the flames. He often succeeded, making KPopp angry at him. What KPopp didn't know was that Harry has the "Brave" trait, thus making him extinguish the flames automatically.

When Harry caught fire himself, (and because of his Daredevil trait he did not die) KPopp commented that "nobody cares". Soon after he ran straight into the fire but it didn't affect him in any way. KPopp said at the end of the episode that she believed him worthy of an award for saving the other sims in need while he was on fire. He even ran straight into the fire to save Draco.

Despite not winning the reward poll, in episode 4 Harry got to share the reward house with June. KPopp gave him this treat for his bravery in episode 3. In this episode we also saw Harry Potter in bed with Taylor Swift , even though he is just "friends" with Taylor and that Taylor is married to Harry Styles. 

Harry was made an elder for the Episode 11 finale, along with Taylor Swift. In Episode 12, Harry went for the turkey dinner after the pancakes had spoiled, only to drop them on the ground for the dogs to eat.

Then during the two challenges that led to the death challenge, Harry just gave up on them both and lost, so during the final death challenge,KPopp let Harry eat ten magic jelly beans and let Taylor only eat five. When Taylor didn't die, KPopp dragged Harry's meter down to zero, killing him.


  • Harry Potter in real life


  • Harry Potter has replaced his normal glasses with hipster glasses, thus supposedly becoming a hipster himself.
  • After Ron died in the previous Hunger Games, Harry left Ginny (his wife) and started going after Hermione. He's in this Hunger Games to prove to Hermione that he really is the man!
  • KPopp tried to make Harry and Draco Malfoy enemies with the Relationships panel, but unfortunately could not. 
  • Harry constantly tried to get into the reward house even when he didn't win it.
  • Although Harry saved contestants in the first fire challenge, when June was on fire in episode 9, he didn't extinguish her (but she later saved herself). 
  • KPopp noted that Harry's lack of effort in the Season 2 finale made it a lot less epic.
  • There is some confusion between Harry Potter and Harry Styles, since both contestants share the same first name.