Name Clementine
Gender Female
Traits Childish
Series information
Season Season 4
Status Dead (Episode 2)
Placed 8th
Cause of death Jellybean tree

Clementine was a contestant of Season 4. She reflects the grown version of Clementine, since if she was a child in the series, the social workers would just take her away. Clementine has been a good role model to her team back in the days of the apocalypse, which makes a great advantage in the games. 

The Games Edit

Introduction EpisodeEdit

Clementine was introduced as the official Season 4 contestant, where a recap was played in the episode where Clementine thought she was blamed for breaking the flashlight. Although a child in the original game, she was seen as her young adult self, since KPopp probably knew that the social workers would take Clementine away.

Clementine was revealed to still be childish, since she was childish in the original game. Clementine was seen later walking in room with Sharkeisha and Pedobear, where KPopp told her to go away since Pedobear was there. Clementine was later seen chatting with Sharkeisha in a bonus clip, where Pedo Bear scared where Sharkeisha scared him back.

Episode 2Edit

Clementine witnessed Lee's death and resurrection, after which she urinated on herself. KPopp said that she embarassed herself to save Lee. Shortly after the challenge continued she died by the jellybean tree


  • Clementine in the actual game.
  • Clementine and the gang


  • Clementine is the first The Walking Dead character to be ever introduced to the games.
  • Clementine is the first character to be aged up to an adult, even if the character was a child.
  • Clementine has a good advantage in the games, since she has a lot of survival skills and was a great role-model to her team.
  • Clementine is a fan-favorite, along with Raquelle and Alfred.
  • Clementine died in episode 2 after Lee was resurected.