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Gender Male
Traits Easily Impressed, Loser, Loner, Friendly, Socially Awkward
Series information
Season Season 1
Status Dead
Placed 7th
Cause of death Drowning
Buttplu was a contestant in the first season of The Sims 3 Hunger Games. He is based on every male dating sim character that Kelly plays as.

The GamesEdit

Introduction episode Edit

Buttplu was the last contestant introduced in the first season. KPopp said that he doesn't stand much chance in the Hunger Games. She also added that she doesn't have much faith in him, in terms of survival, but that she really likes him as a character. 

When he arrived on the arena, he was seen on his phone along with fellow contestant Amanda Bynes. Then, he randomly started cheering to balloons, to which Kelly said: "Look how excited Buttplu is over balloons!". After that, Buttplu was standing next to the TV, deciding whether he should watch it or not. Before he could decide though, Kelly KPopp approached him and started talking to him. Then, out of nowhere (just the usual what Kelly KPopp would do over the course of the season), she started arguing with him and insulting him. Buttplu, deciding he's had enough of it, went for a swim in the pool, with fellow contestant Bill Nye. He was frequently seen using the diving board and being splashed by Bill Nye. He left the pool after Katniss, Justin and Kelly arrived.

Episode 1 - The Nub Arm! Edit

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Placement Edit

Buttplu died during the first death challenge, although he died accidently after Justin Bieber drowned, thus earning him seventh place in season 1.


  • Buttplu in the introduction episode
  • Buttplu talking to Kelly KPopp
  • Buttplu's drowning shadow


  • Buttplu is the name that KPopp calls every male dating sim character.
  • Kelly never had much faith in Buttplu's chances in the Hunger Games.
  • Buttplu was the second Sim to die in the Hunger Games, but the first to die unintentionly when the challenge should have been over, making KPopp sad.