Bill Nye the Science Guy
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Name Bill Nye the Science Guy
Gender Male
Traits Perfectionist, Handy, Bookworm, Ambitious, Genius
Series information
Season Season 1
Status Dead
Placed 5th
Cause of death Jelly Bean

Bill Nye the Science Guy was a contestant in season 1 of The Sims 3 Hunger Games. He is from the TV show "Bill Nye the Science Guy".

The GamesEdit

Introduction episode Edit

Bill was the seventh contestant that KPopp introduced in the episode. She made it clear that Bill Nye was one of her favorites and that she hopes for him to win, at one point even calling him the best human being to live on the planet.

Bill Nye wasn't seen much in the episode. While all the other contestants communicated, Bill was seen in the back doing his own stuff. He distanced himself from the others by going to the pool. However, Buttplu joined him afterwards. Bill Nye was seen splashing Buttplu. When Justin Bieber, Katniss Everdeen and even Kelly KPopp decided to swim in the pool as well, Bill Nye went out to take out the trash, distancing himself from the others again.

Episode 1 - The Nub Arm! Edit

At the start, he was the fan favorite, winning a hot date and almost winning another but then the rules were changed so that contestants couldn't win two rewards in a row. He has seemed to lose his popularity to sims like Amanda Bynes however.

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Placement Edit

He died in episode 6, where the final five contestants were tasked with eating jelly beans from the jelly bean bush until one of them died. Bill died after eating two jelly beans, his second bean killing him.

Slideshow Edit

  • Bill Nye in the introduction episode.

Trivia Edit

  • Kelly describes Bill Nye as one of the best human beings to live on the planet.
  • In the Introduction Episode, Bill was shown to seperate himself from everyone else, maybe because he was just "too smart".
  • In the first episode, he won a hot date with Amanda Bynes, but he neglected her and went to talk with other women.
  • He is the only sim in Season 1 to die of a cause other than drowning.
  • His romantic interest is Marigold Maidano, who gave birth to his daughter.
  • Bill Nye's daughter was revealed to be Meghann Maldano, now known as Honey Boo Boo the slave of season 2.
  • His first name is actually "Bill Nye the", thus resulting in dialogues like for example: "Katniss thinks Bill Nye the is okay."